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Exploring The LEGACY of Aaron Swartz


In this episode of Epistemicast we dive into the inspirational legacy of Aaron Swartz. A visionary entrepreneur who co-founded and sold Reddit by age 20, Swartz’s true passion lay in harnessing the web’s potential for humanity. Among his many contributions to open source and free culture, he was instrumental in shaping the technical framework for Creative Commons and the RSS web feed format. Yet, his most enduring legacy was his unwavering advocacy for a fairer, more open digital society.

With the coming Phaidracon 2023, renowned guest speakers explore Swartz multifaceted impact. Renate Kriel, with 11 years at the Austrian Scientific Network, delves into the importance of open access to knowledge and the intertwining of arts and technology. The product manager of the Net:Art Coordination Center, known for its unique fusion of technical networks and the arts, explores the intersection of technology and art.

Having immersed itself in the spirit of Aaron, Net:Art has brought his legacy to life  through a year-long series of events and exhibitions. Utilizing analogue and digital art forms, they have bridged eras to explore the evolving dialogue between art and technology. Swartz’ advice to “be curious, read widely and try new things” encapsulates his spirit of questioning and exploration.

Net:Art’s successful Aaron’s Lore exhibition is now set to shine at Ars Electronica. This augmented reality experience brings a wooden puppet of Aaron to life, guiding visitors through his manifesto, beloved books, and music. The collaboration between Schubert Theater and Net:Art captures Aaron’s essence with artistry and sensitivity.

Join the journey into Aaron Swartz enduring legacy, from championing open access to fostering a curiosity-driven society. For more details and engagement, have a look at the Epistemicast website or your preferred podcast platform. Your curiosity might just lead you to a richer understanding of the digital world Aaron fought to shape.

Experience Aaron’s vision at Ars Electronica from September 6th to 10th, where art, technology, and his enduring spirit converge. Stay curious, stay engaged, and explore the boundless possibilities Aaron Swartz envisioned for a more open world.

Aaron’s Law Project Series: www.netart.cc/aarons-law

September 23, 2023 Project at the Ars Electronica: ars.electronica.art/who-owns-the-tr…/de/aarons-law/

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